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  Come meet the Paisley "D" family!

Paisley Daisy

Paisley Daisy has an awesome green thumb!


She has the best house on the block with a garden metropolis.


She is passionate about the environment.


She also has a neighboring house next to Paisley Amore.


She grows all of the herbs and vegetables for his kitchen.


the beauty of food!! 

It brings us all together and feeds our rich souls. We must eat right and eat happy! Everything in life is made of love! 

I cook for everyone here in Paisleyland!!  I will share recipes with you and beautiful words from my  first language, which is Italian.
Like Amore! Amore means LOVE! 
Goodbye for now…xoxo

Paisley Rain

Hello everyone! I am Paisley Rain!


I love rainbows and everything that has to do with rain and water.


I feel like I should have been a dolphin or a seal!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain!


I will be singing in the rain and tapping around the rain and skipping in the rain!


Paisley Bow

I specialize in bows of every kind! 

When I have an important issue to discuss at my home in Paislyland, I like to tie my bows around all the trees! 

I also love  animals and LOVE LOVE LOVE being nice and helping others as much I can. 

Patriotic Paisley

I happen to be a scholar in history. A scholar is someone who knows so much about a certain subject! Do you happen to know about the people that named our states? And what makes each state so special and wonderful? We must find out together! 

I also love sports. Baseball happens to be my favorite! I love to play for fun! What do you like to do for fun? I am going to go study now because I want to be smart. I think thats important. I will leave you with one of my tips!
TIP#1: Did you know that George Washington was the first president of the United States! His face is on our one-dollar bill!


Paisley Edelweiss

She speaks with a thick Austrian accent.


Her cottage is filled with cuckoo clocks from her neighboring land of the Black Forest.

She sings all the time in Paisleyland.


Every little bird responds to her voice! She has a fan club called the Austrian Bluebirds…The Bluebirds of Happiness.


She teaches the other Paisleys how to yodel and dance from her rich history of Austria.

Paisley Peru

Nobody can tap these paws the way I do…because I am Paisley Peru!
I am so cool and so modern. I tango! I am a tango baby! 

I sway my way through the coolness of life! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to TANGO!


 It’s so important to find a passion in your life! For me, I tango my way through the joy of life!


See you around some time, in the tube of Tango, Baby!

Polka Dot Paisley

I am really loved in Paisleyland.


All my dinosaur friends make me feel like I am just like them!


It might take me extra time to listen and learn but I always do….This is because I have the right attitude!


Having a great attitude is the ultimate gift! It makes us shine! Anyway, I hope to see you all around sometime! Goodbye for now. xo’s

Paisley Papillion

Papillion speaks with a deep french accent.


He is an egotistical painter! Yet he teaches all the Paisley Dinosaurs about the remarkable works of Matisse, Van Gogh , Picasso and so on.


He also likes to speak in his own language and will teach all the viewers simple words to remember!

Paisley Parrot

Paisley Parrot comes from the Tree of Knowledge a.k.a “The Treasure Tree”.


The irony is that he speaks with a proud cockney accent! A mutt of Ireland, England and Scotland. 

He was born in the town of Paisley, Scotland. He has a wealth of history from his years while here on earth. He is the postman…delivering information to and from the outside world.

Professor Paisley

I am Professor Paisley!


I am the overseer of PaisleyLand. I’m their father figure and Paisley Parrot is also their confidant.

We together will create a safe haven for our beloved paisley dinosaurs and we together, will create a world of opportunities that every child will enjoy being a part of.  

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