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Our Story


Bill and I met in Palm Desert, California in 1993. He was born in Ontario, Canada. He was drafted to play for the California Angels.

He was a pitcher. Threw 95 miles an hour. Broke Kevin Mitchell's bat and struck out Steve Garvey!

Bill was released due to a rotator cuff injury. A friend suggested that he should invest into a pool business in Palm Springs.

Somehow all the stars were aligned and we crossed paths at the perfect time!

Bill and I became the best of friends...  He believed in me and has invested  so much into this journey of ours...And so far, it's been a wonderful journey!

In 2018, we celebrated 25 years!  


William Shaksphere wrote 

No legacy is as rich as honesty.


I know those words were meant for my husband. And anyone that knows my husband knows this to be true.



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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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