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The name Benanti came from Dianne's father. He was born in Corona, New York. His ancestors came from Palermo, Sicily. Her mother was born in Brighton, England. 

Dianne's parents met in New York. They married and moved to Hollywood, California. They settled in Orange County, where Dianne was born. She was 18 when she moved herself to an ocean-front community called San Clemente.
This was around the time, as she puts it, "when music and art clicked its chord." 

While living on the coast, she worked at a venue where she had the opportunity to meet some of the musical greats; Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt, BB King, Al Green, Chris Robinson from the Black Crows. Along side co-workers and roommates, she was inspired to write lyrics and record songs. 

A business venture led her to the Palm Springs area in 1991. She had planned on staying for just a few years. This area is now called her home.

At 25, she was the first entrepreneur  that was granted permission by the City of Palm Desert to sell flowers and fresh living herbs out on the pedestrian lanes of El Paseo. She named her boutique Herbal Gardens.

Dianne continued to work throughout the years on a creative children's concept called Paisley Dinosaur, which to this day, she still whole-heartedly believes in and continues to push it forward.

In 2003, she began a series of charcoal portraits. By 2005, she painted traditional portraiture in oils. Completely self-taught.  She explored contemporary works in large scale in 2006-07.

By 2008, Dianne hired a company to create a custom- built site 

In 2010, she became active within her community. Volunteered for several non-profits and donated her time and art to countless fundraisers. Served on the board of directors for Opera Arts. Memberships with the Palm Springs Women in Film and Television. She worked with notable names to pitch another creative concept for television. She named her program JUST GOOD NEWS!


She currently holds a 12 year membership with The National League of American Pen Women.


By 2014, she had the prestigious honor to draw Congressman Dr Raul Ruiz's portrait.

In 2018, Dianne and her husband Bill pitched Project Paisley Dinosaur and auditioned for

 Shark Tank Season 10.

By 2019, Dianne became well aware of digital art and decided to join in. Dianne started off with her favorite Sunday show, CBS Sunday Morning News. She is contributor of digital suns. She surprisingly enjoyed creating digital caricatures and added humorous words to their expressions. She named the series of work, "The Single Ladies"


She also started "Ethereal Portraiture" on celebs and coined her name for the digital world: "Benny Brixton"

In 2021, she attempted to pitch her book of digital caricatures, specifically geared toward Bravo TV. A reality television series that was developed by creator, Scott Dunlop.

She called the series of artwork, "The Bravettes." The book was written and illustrated by Dianne. 

Dianne states, "John Lennon once wrote that

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.


I've realized that time indeed, races right by us. But I believe when you  simply want to create, whether it be a song, or a painting; age defies time, and it becomes an endless journey. A journey that takes you to a place that defines you and then redefines you. And that's the beauty behind art and music- is its nature to consistently create and evolve, leaving perhaps, mortality behind."

While in Sicily, please be sure to visit the beautiful vineyards of Catania: The Benanti Winery

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