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INSITE is an acronym for In Self I Teach Evolution. This literally evolved from project Paisley Dinosaur. We were waiting for years on certain prospects with P.D. I was doodling paisleys like there was no tomorrow. I was living in the desert and missed my ocean front community. I was very young. Somewhere in my early 20's.


I started drawing paisleys in circles, which looked very similar to the yin yang symbol.  INSIGHT was a pretty cool name for SURF and SPIRIT.

I was in constant thought of the name. One night, I woke up and the words came out for EVOLUTION.... Mind you, this was back in 1999-2000.... before the HUNDREDS of EVOLUTION companies 'evolved'. I switched the letters to INSITE. The phrases came out too quickly...


I literally saw the ads as if I was staring at the magazine itself.











                                      "  Be who you choose to be...and have the INSITE to know the difference."

                                                      A New Sponsor for Surf, Sport and Spirit.

The doodling continued into a toddlers line. I was crazy enough to envision a cool surfer mommy with a label on her maternity tee- 'BABY INSITE"

I started to draw paisley flowers, butterflies and hearts...It was due to the boredom and impatience of waiting on Paisley Dinosaur. I surely thought that this was something that I could sell locally on my own.

 So...BABY INSITE was born!

 We had to buy a massive amount of inventory in order to make the numbers right. I sold at local town street fairs on the weekends.


We also sold Burt Bees products and custom gift baskets. 


 I still love the idea of Baby In Site but at that time, a small business was no longer feasible. Licensing the work is always, still, a viable option!

Please contact if interested!

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