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Long long ago, in a small beachy town in San Juan Capistrano, there was a musical venue called The Coach House.


They showcased bands like The Black Crows. Legends like B.B. King and Johnny Cash. Musical and creative types sought to work there.

 A few of those kids were Dianne Benanti and Dennis Troy. They wrote songs together and created some pretty cool tunes. They ventured out to the desert and still remain friends to this day.

lives in the heart of Palm Springs, California! 

Home to the infamous talents of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Desi Arnaz, Lalo Guerro, Barry Manilow, Sia, Diane “Deedles” Schurr, and countless others.

Home to the great writers, producers and composers; Johnny Mercer, Hal David, Quincy Jones and Billy Steinburg.  Sammy Cahn, Dennis Troy and Dianne Lynn Benanti.

There is indeed, a wonderful energy out here!

 I had the pleasure of meeting with SHOF board member Mary Jo Menella several years back, pleading for a branch in the Palm Springs area. I was filled with energy to volunteer my time.

Locals can tell you that the music scene out on Empire was the start to something great. Due to the graces of Gary Tover, Coachella Fest was born.

Following Coachella came another creative and ingenious venture called StageCoach. 

We are now in one of the biggest hubs of creating music.

I am inspired by every genre of music, but our passion falls within the lines of those timeless masterpieces, The American Songbook. In other words, “Fly Me to the Moon” has been recorded by so many musical legends and to this day, incredible talent from every age will sing life into this song.

Bart Howard (1915-2004) composed and wrote the lyrics to this timeless jazz standard. One of my very favorites is posted on our Vimeo account.

 His name is Davell Crawford and I encourage all of you to show your support.


Start off with our Jazz subpage and enjoy the tunes of Bella Starlight!

For licensing, please contact us at 

Enjoy the tunes! 

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