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Paisley Dinosaur


" But Professor!  You don't understand! Everybody is happy in Paisleyland!! "

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Paisley Dinosaur!

Paisley "D"


In a nutshell, our ANIMATION is similar to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Together, they will have many wonderful journeys within a very magical world!

We need animation GIANTS, like DreamWorks and Pixar! Know of any connections? If so, hop on board and be part of our DINOSAUR TEAM!!

Our story is below.



In 1989, in the town of San Clemente, California, a kid by the name of Dennis Troy approached a kid by the name of Dianne Benanti with an idea.


Dennis asked Dianne if she could draw a dinosaur as a logo. Lacoste was in a popular trend with their solid color polo shirts and their iconic crocodile logo.

Dennis wanted to create a mens clothing line; paisley shirts, with a dinosaur logo, hence the name Paisley Dinosaur.

Instead of a dark gray scary dinosaur, Dianne sketched a baby dinosaur with a smile on its face. From there, with a few hundred more sketches, the new idea of a children's concept was born.

In 1991, Dennis was given the unique opportunity to help his mother in a multi-million dollar investment called Troy.

Troy was built on El Paseo in Palm Desert, also known as the "Rodeo Drive" of the desert.

In August of 1991, they packed up everything they had from their small shack on the beach and moved to the hottest place on earth. It was literally 119 degrees the day they arrived.

In 1992, Barney, the purple dinosaur hit the airwaves and Spielberg's Jurassic Park was announced for the big screen. After several years and other pursuits, Dianne and Dennis remained friends and ventured off in other directions.

By 1996,  it was Dinosaur Mania .


Dianne, now married, with the support of her husband, secured the trademarks and copyrights. Wrote the full story.  Created other paisley dinosaurs from all different parts of the world. Created learning tools. Wrote lyrics for the sing-along- songs.

In 2003, she built  She also secured the name in 2004.

Dianne catered to her artwork ( during the years of 2005-2009.

During those years, they cringed every time another dinosaur movie hit the theatre. They knew connections were everything and they had not a one....Agents were too pricy and they didn't know who to trust.

They had many leads but most had little results.

By 2010 life inevitably moved on.


Paisley Dinosaur was memorialized in her office. Each dinosaur had their stitched smiles that peered out of their cellophane bags. Their adorable eyes would somehow telepathically urge their mother not to give up!


By 2017, now so much older, what did they have to lose? They watched this show for years. Bill and Dianne rehearsed daily, They signed their lives away and auditioned  for the 2018 Season 10  series of Shark Tank.

Lo and behold they nailed it!   Mindy Zemrak, the executive producer walked in and said, "This is the best pitch I have ever seen!"

They all hugged and screamed.... Hopped on their unicorns and lived happily ever after.

In reality, the audition went so well that Bill and Dianne were in utter disbelief that the call never came in.


They were told by a very reliable source that perseverance is everything! So onward they go...


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